Hossam Gamea Launches Gamea & Gamea: Marketing and Branding Agency

With the rise of conscious consumerism and popular support for social justice movements, many unethical businesses are taking advantage of the moment by using dishonest marketing to re-position themselves as ethical brands; stealing attention and business away from the truly good brands the people are really yearning for. Often, grassroots organizations or small businesses have more obstacles to being seen, and less resources to promote their products or services. Especially during the COVID era, marketing is more important than ever to help your target consumer or audience understand what you can provide for them.

To tackle this issue, Hossam Gamea and his sister Nada Gamea started Gamea & Gamea: Marketing and Branding Agency. On their website, it states, “Inspired by our surname, which means to unite; we unite the vision with awesome visuals, the profit motive with a purpose, the creativity with a cause, and the marketing with a movement. To give businesses, non-profits, and start-ups that care about more than the bottom line, the spotlight they deserve. The spotlight YOU deserve. To boost your message with that extra umph it needs. So we can give the people what they want. What they deserve. Together.”

They describe the history of the marketing agency as the following; “Gamea & Gamea Marketing (G&G) is a full-service marketing and branding partnership between, Hossam Gamea (brother) and Nada Gamea (sister). Hailing from New York City, we’ve spent over 10 years on the ground working as activists, uplifting our communities, and building grassroots movements. In that time, we’ve designed, branded, and marketed for several local non-profits, businesses, and entrepreneurs. From international online campaigns, to extensive branding and re-branding projects, to having our work hoisted up on a billboard in Times Square; if you’ve thunk it, we’ve probably done it.” Hossam Gamea is a reputable grassroots organizer who has for the TabTraversing TraditionMedium, and has been hosted on a number of his podcasts for his community work and advocacy initiatives.

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