American Muslims for Palestine Education Milestones in 2023

American Muslims for Palestine Education through different initiatives is their primary focus. For 17 remarkable years, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) has remained unwavering in its mission to restore justice in Palestine. With each passing year, the determination has grown more robust. Alongside its belief in the inevitable triumph of liberation has become unshakable. With its commitment, AMP stands still to make an impact for the better in society.

AMP Education Impact Through Its Initiatives

Education forms the cornerstone of empowerment and action at American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). For the organization, it is one of the three pillars that sustain their dedicated work. Whether through virtual platforms or in-person engagement within communities nationwide. American Muslims for Palestine commitment to educating the American public on critical issues in Palestine is unwavering. With a national office based in Washington, D.C., and a network of 12 chapters spanning the nation. AMP ensures that the public remains well-informed about Palestine. Here, we explore the remarkable educational endeavors that have defined their year in 2023.

AMP New Jersey Conference: Reconnecting Communities

In a significant milestone, the AMP-NJ Team hosted its first conference in New Jersey in a decade. Activists and community members from across the tri-state area converged for a two-day conference featuring speakers from around the country. The event covered crucial local and national issues, fostering unity and collective action.

Palestine in Session: A Year of Webinars

AMP launched its popular monthly webinar series, “Palestine In Session.” As of July, the team had conducted seven live educational webinars covering vital topics such as Black-Palestinian transnational solidarity, Rightwing Zionist money in U.S. politics, and the U.S.-Israel relationship. These informative sessions can be accessed on Facebook and YouTube, offering valuable insights to a global audience.

AMP Education

Palestine Rewind: Unveiling History

The educational series “Palestine Rewind” continued its success by releasing eight new installments this year, featuring a refreshed format presented by digital media associate Zarefah Baroud. The series aims to highlight significant events from Palestine’s history, making history accessible through engaging videos on Instagram.

AMP Nakba Event: Commemorating 75 Years

May 15th, 2023 marked 75 years since the Palestinian Nakba. AMP dedicated substantial resources to provide essential educational materials to communities through social media content, including videos debunking common Zionist myths. A special edition of “Palestine In Session” commemorated the 75th anniversary, and the upcoming 16th Palestine Convention in November will spotlight this significant milestone.

AMP Education

Confronting Settler Violence: Raising Awareness

This year, settler violence in the West Bank increased through pogroms and IDF raids. AMP launched multiple social media campaigns to raise awareness about the ongoing attacks and shared action alerts directed at Congress and the Biden administration through its affiliate organization, Americans for Justice in Palestine Action (AJP Action).

Palestine in a Nutshell: Simplifying Learning

The educational series “Palestine in a Nutshell” was relaunched with a new style that embraces current social media trends. This approach aims to make learning more accessible and shareable. Each topic is presented in two versions: a short reel for Instagram and Facebook and a more detailed, comprehensive version on YouTube.

Palestine in a Nutshell

Community Engagement: A Nationwide Presence

AMP’s education strategy includes actively engaging local communities and universities to ensure they are well informed and empowered to advocate for Palestine. Throughout the year, AMP conducted over 50 events in various locations, from Cambridge, MA to San Diego, CA, across the country.

AMP Canada Tour: Extending Knowledge Northward

For the first time, AMP took its educational workshops to Canada, spreading awareness in Ontario. Dr. Osama Abuirshaid, AMP’s Executive Director, along with Director of Organizing, Taher Herzallah, spoke at several mosques and community centers. Their goal was to enhance Palestine organizing within the province, and the tour concluded with presentations at the MAC convention in Toronto.

Ramadan Campaign: Spotlight on Struggles

During the holy month of Ramadan, AMP shed light on Israel’s increased attacks and oppression against Palestinians. The organization hosted two special “Palestine in Session” editions with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the occupied territories and Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway. Various social media content further highlighted the ongoing struggles faced by Palestinians.


Combatting Zionist Myths Training: Empowering Advocates

AMP Education Coordinator Tarek Khalil led an intensive workshop on combating Zionist myths for the Minnesota Chapter, providing students and young activists with essential knowledge to advocate for Palestine and defend Palestinian rights. The training also taught participants valuable debate techniques, instilling confidence in debunking Zionist myths.

In 2023, AMP educational efforts have expanded horizons, informed communities, and empowered advocates for Palestine. The year has seen significant milestones reinforcing the organization’s commitment to educating, raising awareness, and fostering solidarity in pursuing justice and liberation.

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