Global Islamophobia – Dr. Hatem Bazian Naved Bakali and Farid Hafez

On September 8, Dr. Hatem Bazian hosted a conversation on his Facebook page with Naved Bakali and Farid Hafez on the newly edited book, The Rise of Global Islamophobia in the War on Terror: Coloniality, Race, and Islam. This book discusses how anti-Muslim racism, or Islamophobia, is influenced by local economies, power structures, and histories. The War on Terror created a homogenized Muslim “other” framed as a perpetual enemy and has been core to the global Islamophobic narrative. 

They discussed Islamophobia around the world, and Dr. Hatem Bazian made a point to discuss Islamophobia in formerly colonized states. “I was intrigued to see a piece on Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and South Africa. Now, Brazil is interesting because, in 835, the Bahira rebellion was led by Muslims. Several Muslims were persecuted, and four were executed due to the rebellion.” He then asked the panelists what the implications of Muslims in history have on current Islamophobia in politics and society, even in the global south. 

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The Muslim Resistance Against Global Islamophobia

A diverse variety of authors have already published many books in the War on Terror. The Rise of Global Islamophobia in the War on Terror” is unique in highlighting activism and resistance confronting Islamophobia. Political parties, social organizations, and Americans systematically victimized, targeted, and attacked Muslims in the United States. How the Muslim community was, in some ways, created and, in other ways. Strengthened as a result of those adversities. It speaks to the sacrifices and confidence of Muslim Americans in advocating for their rights. 

Hatem Bazian Serves as Chair and Founder of CRG’s Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project at UC Berkeley 

Dr. Hatem Bazian is the Chair and Founder of CRG’s Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project (IRDP). This is part of the Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. This project focuses on a systemic and empirical approach to studying Islamophobia and its impact on the American Muslim Community. The publications on the website date back to 2011. The organization has published annual journals that delve into different dimensions and aspects of Islamophobia with in-depth research.

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