Helping Hand for Relief and Development Palestine Relief Fund

In October 2023, the world witnessed a catastrophe in Gaza, with thousands of Palestinians facing unimaginable hardship due to conflict, displacement, and critical infrastructure damage. In these desperate times, the HHRD Palestine Relief Fund is stepping forward to provide vital assistance to those in need.

The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: Gaza, a densely populated region covering a mere 141 square miles, became the epicenter of a dire humanitarian crisis. As of October 8th, the area had reported 600 Palestinian deaths and 2,000 injuries. Additionally, 13 Palestinians, including a 12-year-old child, died in the West Bank. The crisis forced approximately 123,000 individuals from 17,500 families to flee their homes in Gaza, with 74,000 taking refuge in 64 UN-built schools. This catastrophe also resulted in extensive infrastructure damage, impacting the lives of over 400,000 people, and posed a significant risk to the Gaza Power Plant due to fuel depletion.

HHRD Palestine Relief Fund

HHRD Palestine Relief Fund Impact To Providing Immediate Aid

HHRD Palestine Relief Fund: Amidst the devastation, the HHRD Palestine Relief Fund is crucial in providing immediate aid and relief to affected Palestinian families. This fund is an extension of Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), an organization that has consistently demonstrated its commitment to addressing humanitarian needs in Palestine since 2005.

Emergency Relief and Disaster Management (ERDM) Program: The HHRD Palestine Relief Fund is mobilizing resources through its “Emergency Relief and Disaster Management (ERDM)” program. This program prioritizes the survival and well-being of those in need by providing essential items such as water, cooked meals, staple dry food, hygiene products, medical services, and psychosocial support activities. The efforts are a testament to the organization’s commitment to alleviating the suffering of affected families.

HHRD’s Presence in the Region: HHRD has a long history of working in the region, collaborating with a team based in Jordan and trusted partner NGOs. Over the years, they have consistently provided aid to Palestinians during various crises, responding to immediate needs and supporting long-term initiatives.

HHRD Palestine Relief

Join HHRD on Their Humanitarian Efforts

Join the Humanitarian Effort: In times of crisis, the HHRD Palestine Relief Fund serves as a lifeline to thousands in need. It is an opportunity for individuals and communities worldwide to come together and extend a helping hand to alleviate suffering and rebuild the lives of those affected by this catastrophic event.

The HHRD Palestine Relief Fund is the real hope in today’s world and a testament to the unwavering commitment of individuals and organizations to extend compassion and support when humanity is in dire need. By contributing to this fund, you can play a vital role in providing urgent relief to those facing unimaginable hardship in Gaza. Together, we can make a difference and offer a lifeline to those who need it most.

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