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HHRD Palestine relief dignity food packages are making a significant humanitarian impact in Palestine. In the face of adversity, compassion knows no boundaries. Since October 18, 2023, HHRD has exemplified this ethos by tirelessly preparing over 1,500 Dignity Food Packages for the people of Palestine. Each package contains non-perishable essentials like canned goods, rice, and beans. When the opportunity arises, the aim is to airlift these provisions from Jordan to the Egypt border swiftly. In these trying times, the unwavering generosity of individuals worldwide plays a pivotal role in aiding the people of Palestine.

The crisis that struck Gaza in October 2023 left the world deeply moved. The situation is dire, with a staggering death toll exceeding 4,000 and over 12,500 people injured. HHRD’s compassionate team in Jordan assembled 1,000 Family Dignity Packages in response. These packages include essential supplies like food, water, hygiene kits, and more, along with 1,500 blankets, all made possible by your support and unwavering generosity. These much-needed items will be transported to the Rafah border of Egypt and Gaza by the Jordanian authorities once the siege ends. Their dedicated local partner NGOs will then ensure these provisions reach the victims, offering a glimmer of hope in this time of immense hardship.

HHRD Supporting Palestine In Such Times of Crisis

As of October 19th, Israeli forces have again called for the evacuation of over a million residents in northern Gaza, adding to the staggering numbers of displaced individuals. More than a million people are now without homes or refuge, with over 500,000 individuals sheltered in UNRWA-designated emergency facilities. Since October 11th, Gaza has endured a complete blackout, and there are alarming threats that the central Gaza Power Plant may be targeted if normal operations are attempted to resume. Consequently, hospitals are on the brink of collapse, operating with minimal resources and medical staff. The ongoing violence has also ravaged nearly 100,000 housing units, compounding the suffering of the people of Gaza.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development USA has consistently addressed Palestinian humanitarian needs since 2005. They have responded to crises in Gaza and the West Bank through collaboration with their Jordan-based team and trusted partner NGOs. In 2015, they identified a critical shortage of ambulances in Al-Shijeia, Palestine, and provided much-needed medical aid with the generous support of US donors. Over the years, HHRD has delivered essential items and medical supplies via in-kind gift containers from the USA and local procurement, distributing them during various seasons. They recently aided flood-stricken Gaza and embarked on a housing renovation project, committed to supporting Palestinian families with life-saving essentials and livelihood opportunities.

HHRD Palestine Support

Supporting Palestine Together with HHRD

In times of crisis, it is crucial to unite as a global community to support those most need it. HHRD’s dedication to alleviating the suffering of the people of Palestine remains unwavering. Your generosity plays a pivotal role in relieving those affected by the recent crisis in Gaza. As HHRD continues to make strides in the region, it offers a beacon of hope and compassion for the people enduring immense hardship. By supporting initiatives like the Dignity Food Packages, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of those who need it most and send a message that humanity transcends borders.

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