Helping Hand for Relief and Development Healthcare and Nutrition Programs

Helping Hand for Relief and Development‘s Healthcare and Nutrition Programs are aimed at providing vital services to vulnerable populations in various countries. Here are some key aspects of these programs:

HHRD’s Work in Prevention of Blindness: 

Helping Hand for Relief and Development addresses the issue of cataracts, which affects a staggering 94 million people worldwide. Recognizing the impact of vision loss on individuals’ lives, HHRD conducts free eye exams and operations, offers medication, and organizes recovery workshops in countries such as Kenya, Mali, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa. Additionally, HHRD extends its support to Yemeni refugees in Somalia.

Mobile Medical Units & Ambulance Service: 

Helping Hand for Relief and Development recognizes the challenges faced by individuals residing in rural areas or those unable to afford medical care. Mobile medical units provide much-needed relief by delivering healthcare services to these communities. This initiative is particularly crucial during natural disasters when accessibility to medical facilities is limited. Equipped with ambulatory training, emergency medical professionals increase their capacity to respond to emergencies effectively. Moreover, the provision of transportation ensures patients can attend rehabilitation and therapy sessions.

HHRD’s Mother Child Health Care Center: 

HHRD focuses on reducing maternal mortality rates and providing comprehensive healthcare to mothers and children. Lifesaving services are offered through postnatal checkups, health awareness sessions, and vaccination services. The staff is trained to assist women and children, and specialist clinics are arranged to cater to their specific needs. In addition to neonatal care, infants and children receive medical checkups and vaccinations. Mothers are encouraged to participate in awareness sessions to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, HHRD‘s Healthcare and Nutrition Programs aim to address various healthcare challenges faced by vulnerable populations. Through initiatives like preventing blindness, mobile medical units, and mother-child healthcare centers, HHRD strives to provide essential medical services, improve health outcomes, and enhance the quality of life for those in need.

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