ICNA Nonprofit Financial Transparency – Under the Leadership of CFO Altaj Ilyas

ICNA Relief and its financial transparency as a nonprofit has garnered numerous accolades for its exceptional service. The organization proudly owns a sterling 4 out of 4 stars rating from the charity platform Charity Navigator, a testament to its commitment to transparency and responsible financial stewardship. Moreover, the charity has consistently met the rigorous Standards for Charity Accountability set by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance. GuideStar has acknowledged it for maintaining the highest standards of transparency in its operations. The organization’s dedication to accountability is further evidenced by its participation as a recognized charity in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and its esteemed position as a board member of NVOAD (National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster).

ICNA Relief

Br. Altaj Ilyas – Leading the Financial Charge

At the helm of ICNA Relief’s financial endeavors stands Br. Altaj Ilyas a seasoned professional with an impressive 28-year track record in Finance and Accounting. His unwavering commitment to the nonprofit sector spans 19 years, during which he has garnered invaluable insights and expertise. Br. Altaj serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of ICNA Relief and is responsible for the intricate financial management that underpins the organization’s operations. His extensive qualifications include a comprehensive study of Cost and Management Accounting (CMA) and Corporate Secretarial Practices, equipping him with a holistic understanding of financial governance.

Notably, Br. Altaj’s dedicated service extends beyond ICNA Relief, as he has dutifully fulfilled the role of Treasurer for NYDIS (New York Disaster Interfaith Services) for the past 11 years. This rich history of financial leadership exemplifies his deep commitment to fostering financial integrity within the nonprofit realm.

ICNA Relief Areas of Impact

ICNA Relief impact reaches far and wide, addressing crucial areas of need within communities. Through their concerted efforts, they provide support in various sectors, including:

Back2School: Empowering educational pursuits by ensuring students are adequately equipped for academic success.

Disaster Relief: Swiftly responding to disasters to provide essential aid and relief to affected communities.

Health Services: Providing vital healthcare assistance to those in need.

Hunger Prevention: Combating food insecurity and ensuring no one goes hungry.

Muslim Family Services: Offering a helping hand to Muslim families during times of need.

Refugee Services: Extending a warm welcome and support to refugees in their new homes.

Transitional Housing: Facilitating stability and shelter during transitional periods.

Foster Care: Children who cannot live with their parents or other family members a safe place to live until they can return to their parent’s home or are found a permanent home.

ICNA Relief Expansive Reach

ICNA Relief’s operational footprint spans numerous states, each a testament to the organization’s dedication to making a positive difference.

Their impact is felt in the following areas:

California – Bay Area, Sacramento, San Diego and SoCal
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
Texas – Houston, Dallas, and Austin

In essence, ICNA Relief commitment to financial transparency, under the astute guidance of CFO Br. Altaj Ilyas is a cornerstone of its mission to create positive and lasting change in the lives of those it serves. Through its meticulous financial practices and wide-reaching initiatives, the organization stands as a beacon of hope and support for communities nationwide.

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