Imam Tom Facchine on Yaqeen Institute “Dogma Disrupted” Podcast – Exploring Worldviews, Human Rights, Orthodoxy, and Ethics

Imam Tom Facchine and the respected scholars of Yaqeen Institute present a thought-provoking podcast series titled “Dogma Disrupted.” In this captivating podcast, they delve into profound topics such as Tawheed as a worldview, human rights, orthodoxy, and ethics. Through engaging discussions, Imam Tom Facchine and the Yaqeen Institute experts offer valuable insights, shedding light on these critical subjects. Let’s explore the highlights of this enlightening podcast series.

Get into profound topics such as Tawheed as a worldview, human rights, orthodoxy, and ethics with Imam Tom Facchine and the respected scholars of Yaqeen Institute in the captivating “Dogma Disrupted” podcast. Gain valuable insights and broaden your understanding as they explore these critical subjects from an Islamic perspective.

Imam Tom Facchine Dogma Disrupted on Yaqeen Institute

Tawheed as a Worldview – Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy and Imam Tom Facchine

In collaboration with Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy explores the depth and significance of Tawheed as a comprehensive worldview. Their discussion uncovers compelling arguments for God’s existence and Islam’s monotheistic nature. With insights from Yaqeen Institute, this episode illuminates how tawheed shapes our moral actions and influences every facet of our lives.

Human Rights and Wrongs – Dr. Zara Khan

In an intriguing conversation, Imam Tom Facchine invites Dr. Zara Khan to discuss human rights from an Islamic perspective. They examine the historical context of human rights movements and address misconceptions surrounding the concept. Drawing on the expertise of the Yaqeen Institute, this episode sheds light on the politicization and weaponization of human rights discourse against Islam and Muslims.

The Need for Orthodoxy – Dr. Tahir Wyatt and Imam Tom Facchine

Engaging in a compelling dialogue with Dr. Tahir Wyatt, delving into the significance of Islamic orthodoxy. They explore the definition of orthodoxy, its importance within Islam, and the challenges of reconciling differences of opinion. With the guidance of Yaqeen Institute, this episode offers valuable insights into understanding and practicing Islam nuancedly.

Dedicated to the Truth – Dr. Ovamir Anjum

Ethics and the pursuit of knowledge take center stage as Imam Tom Facchine converses with Dr. Ovamir Anjum, Yaqeen Institute’s editor-in-chief. They delve into the realm of ethics and explore how Islamic ethics inform our understanding of knowledge and conduct. This episode sheds light on the rigorous paper publication process at Yaqeen Institute, highlighting their dedication to upholding truth and authenticity.

Join the scholars of Yaqeen Institute in their captivating podcast series, “Dogma Disrupted.” Through thought-provoking discussions on Tawheed as a worldview, human rights, orthodoxy, and ethics, they provide valuable insights and broaden understanding. With a focus on promoting critical thinking and offering Islamic perspectives, this podcast invites listeners to engage in enlightening conversations that foster a deeper appreciation for these essential aspects of life and faith.

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