Imam Tom Facchine on Yaqeen Institute Unveils Dogmas: Exploring Church-State Separation, LGBT Issues, and Islamic Ethics

As Muslims, they strive to align every aspect of their lives with the teachings of Islam. However, their world constantly bombards them with opposing worldviews that can sometimes go unnoticed. They must know these hidden ideologies that shape their beliefs and opinions. So they can break free from their chains and center their Islamic worldview. A new Yaqeen Institute podcast called Dogma Disrupted is announced, hosted by Imam Tom Facchine. In this podcast, a new guest is invited weekly to uncover and shed light on these worldviews. The kind that operates in the background and affects their lives in different ways. Topics such as sexuality, human rights, orthodoxy, and more are discussed.

Yaqeen Institute and Imam Tom Facchine Unveil Dogmas: Exploring Church-State Separation, Same-Sex Attraction, and Islamic Ethics

Tom Facchine “Dogma Disrupted: A Journey to Centering Islamic Worldview,” published by the Yaqeen Institute

Each episode is designed to provide in-depth analysis and insights on a specific topic, and a series of articles is created writing about each of these topics individually. Muslims must be aware of these issues to address them from a Yaqeen Institute Islamic perspective and protect their faith. For example, in one episode, Imam Tom Facchine and Dr. Sharif El-Tobgui discuss the Islamic view of sexuality, love, and common objections to Islamic sexuality discourse. They also delve into the history of sexuality and the sexual revolution, providing a comprehensive understanding. Another episode focuses on the prevalence of Yaqeen Institute LGBTQ ideologies in public school systems and Muslim students’ rights to freedom of religion. Sh. Ahmad Saleem joins Imam Tom Facchine to discuss the impact of this ideology on children. As well as how Muslim students and parents can navigate this environment successfully.

Moreover, the history of secularism and its impact on the world is discussed in one episode. Dr. Zara Khan joins Imam Tom Facchine to analyze the history of secularism and where it has left them today. These topics are all equally important for Muslims to be aware of, and each episode of Dogma Disrupted Youtube Videos on the Yaqeen Institute Youtube Channel. It provides valuable insights and perspectives. They can tune in every week on YouTube or any podcast app and join the journey of breaking free from hidden ideologies and centering their Islamic worldview.

Yaqeen Institute LGBT Question

Recently, Yaqeen Institute organized a webinar with Dr. Omar Suleiman, Sheikh Mustafa Umar, Sheikh Ubaydullah Evans, and Sister Sarah Sultan as guests. The webinar was named “Islam and LGBTQ”. It aimed to provide clarity on addressing LGBTQ issues as Muslims while staying true to our faith. The discussion revolved around the Islamic ethical framework. The necessary support required by the community in a constantly evolving world. This webinar gave us a deeper insight into the Yaqeen Institute’s stance on LGBTQ. Webinar, we gained a deeper insight into the Yaqeen Institute’s view on LGBTQ.

Check out the Yaqeen Institute Webinar for more!

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