Palestinian Activist Taher Herzallah on Solidarity with Black Americans

The Middle East Eye recently featured a number of Arab Americans. They have taken to the streets to protest the murder of George Floyd. According to the New York Times, half a million people came out in nearly 500 places across the United States on that single day. The protests brought people together in the call for justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Briana Taylor. They were all unarmed Black people killed at the hands of police – and an end to police brutality and systemic racism. Herzallah in Solidarity with Black Americans comes in handy.

In addition to speaking outward, many Arab and Muslim communities have reflected and led initiatives. They aim to eradicate racism within their own communities. Palestinian Taher Herzallah was featured earlier in this article. Consequently, he spoke on Solidarity with the Black Americans as an advocate for Palestine. Taher has written for Al-Jazeera, and spoken for AMP. He has previously also been featured in The Electronic Intifada. Additionally, he has written a manual for activists on university campuses called “Everybody Freeze!

Herzallah Stands with Black Americans

He said, “I feel that as a Muslim American, and as a Palestinian American, I needed to show up where it was needed most, instead of spending time on Facebook, putting [up] a black Facebook profile picture. I wanted actually to be on the ground. Putting myself between Black Americans and the police. Making sure that we were making the best use of our youth and our health to help our brothers and sisters in this moment.”

Furthermore, he especially speaks on the historic connection between the Black and Palestinian movements. He states, “The Black Panther Party and Malcolm X were meeting with Palestinian leaders and traveling to the region to engage in these discussions. And I think, historically speaking, this is a beautiful part of that. We have a history. I’m not doing anything new by participating in these protests, per se. I’m just continuing that tradition of solidarity between our two communities and our two struggles.”

Lastly, Taher has also written and spoken on meaningful alliances for the more significant, universal cause of justice.

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