Yaqeen Institute- Islam and the LGBT Question: Reframing the Narrative

In Yaqeen Institute‘s “Islam and the LGBT Question: Reframing the Narrative”, critical issues related to contemporary Western liberalism, sexual desire, behavior, identity, and Islam’s position on them are explored. Moreover, this article will highlight the main points and recommendations outlined in the article, offering a glimpse into the Islamic perspective on these matters.

Yaqeen Institute and LGBT: Reclaiming Language and Establishing Paradigms

One of the first recommendations put forward is the reclamation of language. The article also suggests avoiding terms like LGBT and instead using descriptive, non-identitarian language to discuss unchosen tendencies experienced by Muslims and others. It emphasizes the importance of understanding sexual behaviors prohibited by Islamic teachings and using appropriate language that conveys the moral opprobrium attached to such acts.

The Islamic gender and sexuality paradigm is deemed essential and distinct from the Western framework. Yaqeen Institute’s  article asserts the real and God-given nature of gender differences. Additionally, it promotes the appreciation of Islamic legislation and wisdom. While actively critiquing and deconstructing the Western paradigm, Muslims are encouraged to assert their own.

Yaqeen Institute: Challenging the Neocolonial Nature of the LGBT Project

The article emphasizes the neocolonial nature of the global LGBT normalization project. It points out that the imposition of Western norms as an absolute truth reflects cultural imperialism and brainwashing. This article urges Muslims to question the dominance of Western interests, ideas, and ideologies. Furthermore, drawing attention to the need for genuine deconstruction of neocolonialism in all its forms.

Rejecting the Sexual Identity Paradigm

Islam does not identify individuals based on their sexuality, and the article argues that normative Islamic sources and tradition lack terms to categorize people by “sexual identity.” The emphasis is on dignifying individuals based on their creation by God, rather than reducing them to their desires. Descriptive terms and adjectives are suggested instead of essentializing identitarian language, thereby aligning with Islamic teachings and avoiding potential clashes.

No Exceptionalism, Balanced Approach, and Support

The article rejects the concept of exceptionalism when it comes to accepting or promoting same-sex or gender-bending acts in an Islamic environment. It stresses that acting upon what Allah has prohibited. This cannot be justified based on acceptance in contemporary Western societies. It is important to support Muslims struggling with gender identity or same-sex attractions through private support, consultation. While providing general assistance, individuals are encouraged to direct strugglers towards appropriate resources. Also, to maintain a balance between subjective feelings and objective truths.

Yaqeen Institute on LGBT: Upholding Islamic Ethical Standards with Confidence

When engaging with the issue of sexuality and gender identity, the article calls for clarity, compassion, and conviction. It highlights the importance of being compassionate while adhering to God’s commands and representing the Islamic paradigm truthfully. Upholding Islam’s ethical standards with confidence is seen as the solution, not the problem, to societal challenges.


“Islam and the LGBT Question: Reframing the Narrative” aims to provide a comprehensive approach. It aims to navigate the complexities surrounding sexuality and gender identity within an Islamic framework. By reclaiming language, establishing distinct paradigms, challenging neocolonialism, rejecting the sexual identity paradigm, avoiding exceptionalism, providing support, and upholding ethical standards, Muslims can address these issues in a just and compassionate manner. It is a call to stay true to Islamic teachings, while engaging in dialogue and understanding with those facing these challenges.

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