American Muslims for Palestine Activism: Empowering Change Through Palestine Advocacy Day

Naveen Ayesh, a dedicated advocate for Palestinian rights and a prominent activist within the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) community, stands as a beacon of passion and leadership in the ongoing struggle for justice. Naveen Ayesh extends a resounding call to action. She summons all American Muslims for Palestine activists to join her in the annual Palestine Advocacy Day.

Activism in AMP

American Muslim for Palestine’s Advocacy Day

Naveen Ayesh fervently invites all advocates of Palestinian rights to unite with her during the upcoming annual Palestine Advocacy Day. It is scheduled for October 23rd and 24th, 2023, in the heart of Washington, D.C. Consequently, this event carries exceptional significance as it coincides with a growing awareness among Members of Congress. They are beginning to acknowledge Israel’s practices as akin to apartheid. This gathering presents an invaluable opportunity to engage with legislators directly. Moreover, it champions the cause of Palestinian rights with unwavering dedication. Activism collective efforts are pivotal. They underscore the urgency of persisting in this vital work to effect meaningful change in the ongoing battle for Palestinian rights. Join us and be a part of this crucial movement for justice.

Starting in 2015, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) initiated an annual Palestine Advocacy Day and Training weekend. The activism included providing education on civic engagement and policy advocacy. This specifically pertained to the Palestinian cause. 

2022 Palestine Advocacy Day

Previous Activism in American Muslims for Palestine PAD

In 2021, the responsibility for Palestine Advocacy Day transitioned to Americans for Justice in Palestine Action (AJP Action). AJP serves as AMP’s 501(c)(4) affiliated organization. Notably, in the previous year, Palestine advocates played a pivotal role in achieving a remarkable milestone by making it the largest Palestine advocacy day in the nation’s history, with participants representing all 50 states.

AMP Palestine Advocacy Day 2022

Ayah Ziyadeh’s article for American Justice for Palestine on the 2022 Palestine Advocacy Day highlights remarkable achievements in the advocacy for Palestinian rights. In that year, a record-breaking 803 American voters actively participated in the annual advocacy day, engaging with over 130 congressional offices to advocate for Palestinian rights within the Congress. A significant success story was the progress of HR2590. This was a bill supported and lobbied for by AJP Action. It garnered 32 cosponsors. This marked a substantial increase from the mere 13 cosponsors it initially had when introduced in 2021, a development that was once considered unlikely.

Finally, Ayah acknowledges the frustration that can arise from the sometimes less visible progress. However, she underscores the growing confidence in their efforts to reshape entrenched US politics on Israel-Palestine and promote legislation supporting Palestinian rights. Ayah extends an invitation to all to join this movement. She emphasizes the crucial role of passion, dedication, and collective voices in the ongoing fight for justice. Together, they aim to build momentum and create a lasting impact on the lives of Palestinians in their pursuit of freedom and equality.

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