Zakat Foundation of America Relief for Morocco’s Earthquake

The Zakat Foundation of America relief offers aid for the Morocco earthquake on September 15th, 2023 . Morocco’s Atlas Mountains were jolted by the most destructive earthquake in over a century. Striking past 11 p.m. on a Friday night, this catastrophic event unfolded approximately 44 miles southwest of Marrakesh. Tragically, it claimed a minimum of 1,000 lives, while injuring no fewer than 1,200 individuals. The destruction extended to mountain villages and Marrakesh’s venerable UNESCO World Heritage site, the old city.

Immediate relief was much needed for the victims of this terrible natural disaster. Notably, the earthquake’s relentless force resulted in the collapse of numerous buildings and iconic red walls. Which prompted a mass exodus of the populace into the streets. Halil Demir, the Executive Director of the Zakat Foundation of America, immediately offered relief and aid. He declared, “Our emergency aid and experts are already en route to provide sustenance, attire, medicine, and essential supplies to our stricken brothers and sisters.”

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Zakat Foundation: Relief for Earthquake Damages

Demonstrating their unwavering commitment to offer relief, the Zakat Foundation of America Emergency Response team is executing a swift relocation of its emergency aid reserves from Istanbul to Marrakesh. The earthquake’s shallow epicenter exacerbated its impact, leading to the obliteration of Asni village. The village is situated near the epicenter within the Al-Haouz province. villages in the Ouarzazate, Azilal, Chichaoua, and Taroudant provinces were all reduced to rubble. Consequently, the earthquake also  incited panic as far as Casablanca. Seismologists caution residents to abstain from compromised structures for a projected four-week period. They advise to brace for potential aftershocks that might precipitate further devastation.

Despite valiant rescue efforts, hindered by fallen boulders and congested thoroughfares, villagers persist in their determination to extricate their fellow residents from the debris. The occurrence of formidable earthquakes in this beleaguered region remains infrequent. Notably, the last magnitude 6 earthquake transpired in 1900, with a mere nine magnitude 5 temblors recorded since then. The last major earthquake to strike Morocco, the 6.3 magnitude al-Hoceima, materialized in 2004 within the Atlas Mountains. It was situated on the northernmost coastline, adjacent to an active plate boundary within the western Mediterranean Sea.

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The Zakat Foundation of America Rushes to Aid Victims

Zakat Foundation of America Offers Relief to Morocco Earthquake, and helps victims of this tragedy. ZFA, cognizant of the dire circumstances, has mobilized on-site to administer critical earthquake relief to Morocco. ZFA is an esteemed international non-governmental organization (NGO).  The Zakat Foundation boasts a robust emergency response program. 

Representatives are extending immediate provisions of sustenance, potable water, and vital medical supplies. Subsequently, they will embark on a comprehensive continuum of long-term care and rehabilitation initiatives. Zakat Foundation of America offers relief to Turkey’s Earthquake as well. Notably, the Zakat Foundation has previously executed a comparable relief project in Turkey. They built tent settlements after the earthquake, which were transformed into permanent residences. Therefore, the Zakat Foundation is now equally dedicated to Morocco’s protracted recovery and relief in the aftermath of this catastrophic earthquake.

How You Can Help with Relief with Zakat Foundation

In this critical juncture, the Zakat Foundation of America invites charitable donations, which will enable the provision of many things needed for relief from the earthquake. Moreover, they need things like medical supplies and hygiene kits, sustenance for four families through food packages, and the acquisition of tents and floor mats. You can learn more about how you can help with relief for the earthquake here. 

Importantly, the Zakat Foundation stands firm in its commitment to allocate 100% of donated funds to the Morocco Emergency initiative for relief from earthquakes. Your generosity will directly impact and assist those in desperate need during these trying times.

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