Halil Demir: Founder of Zakat Foundation of America

Halil Demir is a highly accomplished member of the Muslim community who serves as the Executive Director of the Zakat Foundation of America (ZFA), a non-profit organization. Under his guidance, ZFA has experienced remarkable growth. He has initiated in increasing its annual budget from $200,000 to an impressive $20 million. With over two decades of expertise in management and fundraising, Halil Demir is renowned for his exceptional leadership skills. He has been a pioneer for mental health, poverty, and aide all around the world.

Halil Demir

Halil Demir: Accomplishments in ZFA

Halil has achieved notable success in areas such as media and press relations. His fundraising efforts have been immensely effective.  He has garnered recognition for his leadership, including an acknowledgment as a “Change Leader During Crisis” by Harvard University. Halil Demir was honored particularly for his role in distributing 5 million pounds of food during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Halil’s leadership has resulted in the establishment of several successful ZFA initiatives. This includes the Khalil Center, one of the largest Muslim mental health organizations in the United States. He also helped in establishing Zahra University. Zahra University is a unique educational institution designed specifically for Syrian refugees.

Education of Halil Demir from Zakat Foundation of America

Halil Demir holds a Ph.D. in education with a focus on creating tuition-free universities. Halil Demir possesses a Master of Nonprofit Management from North Park University. He also holds a Master of Arts in History from Chicago State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Basel. Halil Demir is fluent in six languages. He is also an advocate for economic and social justice issues. His purpose in creating the Zakat Foundation of America was to be used as a tool for development and social change.

Through ZFA, Halil Demir has been instrumental in leading and coordinating various humanitarian initiatives aimed at helping Muslims and other marginalized groups. These initiatives include providing food aid, medical assistance, educational support, and disaster relief to those in need, both domestically and internationally.

Zakat Foundation of America

Halil Demir of ZFA: Broader Horizons

 Halil Demir’s leadership led to the creation of the Khalil Center, one of the largest Muslim mental health organizations in the United States. This center plays a crucial role in addressing mental health issues within the Muslim community. It also provides culturally sensitive counseling and therapy services.

Halil’s work with ZFA also resulted in the establishment of Zahra University, a unique institution dedicated to providing educational opportunities specifically for Syrian refugees. This initiative aims to empower refugees with education and skills to improve their lives and future prospects. Halil Demir is a vocal advocate for social justice, economic equality, and humanitarian values. His work extends beyond the Muslim community to address broader social issues and promote understanding and cooperation among diverse communities.

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