Zakat Foundation Academic Scholarship

Zakat Foundation of America has initiated an academic scholarship to give back to the community. The Zakat Foundation of America (ZFA) is a nonprofit organization that believes in the power of volunteering and community service to drive society forward. It recognizes that selflessness is the glue that binds communities. It realizes that community-oriented programs can turn people’s hope in humanity into meaningful action. To instill values like togetherness and helping others, ZFA has established a scholarship program for high school seniors entering college. This initiative is designed to reward and support students who have dedicated their time to volunteer work with the organization or engaged in community service.

ZFA commitment to this scholarship program stems from the belief that engaging in community service during high school transforms students into active contributors to their communities. As a result, the organization has allocated $20,000 in scholarship funds for deserving students. Scholarships will be distributed to volunteers across different regions of the United States, where ZFA has a strong presence.

To apply, students must complete a simple form. They have to provide a reference, detail their community service experience, and specify the college or university they plan to attend. The scholarship money will directly support their education at two- or four-year institutions. There are two categories for applicants: Zakat Foundation and community service volunteers. Applications for these scholarships are open from April 1 and close on May 10. This provides ample time for eligible students to apply and showcase their commitment to community service.

ZFA Academic Scholarship – Giving Back to the Community

Nayma Kose is ZFA’s outreach and community engagement manager. She appreciated the high school students who prioritize giving back to their communities. She noted that it takes a special kind of student to go beyond their own needs and make a positive impact. The ZFA scholarships aim to recognize and honor these exceptional individuals.

The ZFA scholarship program is not limited to a single region. Six regions across the United States will each receive several $500 scholarships for both applicant categories. They are Zakat Foundation volunteers and community service volunteers. These regions include Illinois, North Carolina, Delaware, the DMV area (DC/Maryland/Virginia), California, and New Jersey.

Furthermore, the allocation of scholarships varies by state. They have the intention of incentivizing other states to increase their volunteer participation. This is so they can benefit from more opportunities the following year. This approach promotes a culture of volunteering and community engagement across the nation.

Zakat Foundation of America’s – Overall Impact

Since its founding in 2001, the Zakat Foundation of America has been dedicated to helping generous and compassionate individuals reach out to those in need. The organization’s mission encompasses addressing immediate needs. Therefore, it also fosters self-reliance among the world’s poorest populations. Zakat Foundation of America conducts humanitarian assistance programs in over 50 countries. It has truly made a global impact through its initiatives.

The Zakat Foundation of America academic scholarship program underscores the importance of community service and volunteerism among high school seniors. ZFA offers financial support to students committed to making a difference in their communities. ZFA is not only encouraging their academic pursuits but also promoting the values of compassion and selflessness. Lastly, this initiative serves as a testament to ZFA’s mission of aiding those in need and fostering positive change on a global scale.

Guide to Applying for the Scholarship

This year’s Scholarship applications are closed, but if you want to apply next year, follow these three simple steps.

Step 1 involves filling out the application form, which you can find on our website.

In Step 2, you’ll need to write a 500-word essay addressing the prompt about your relationship with your community and its impact on your future involvement in community service.

Lastly, Step 3 entails sharing the application link with your references and requesting them to complete your letter of recommendation.

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