Zakat Foundation of America Qurbani and Udhiyah Program: Transforming Lives through Sacrifice

Year round, and especially around the time of Eid ul-Adha, food distribution services are part of the community service and exchange of our ummah. The Qurbani and Udhiyah program by Zakat Foundation of America, for one, holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide. Commemorating Prophet Ibrahim’s act of sacrifice, it serves as a means of compassionate charity.

According to Zakat Foundation of America, a donor’s Udhiya/Qurbani donation ensures that hungry families across the globe are fed. They guarantee healthy animals, slaughtered hygienically by local butchers, at the best rates. By supporting the Zakat Foundation’s livestock program, a donor can enable families to enjoy the luxury of meat year-round. Additionally, your extra donation provides long-term support by gifting two animals to those in need, fostering financial independence.

Zakat Foundation’s Impact with their Udhiyah Program

Looking back at the impact of the last Udhiya/Qurbani by Zakat Foundation, the numbers speak for themselves. With operations spanning 43 countries, Zakat Foundation made a difference in the lives of countless individuals. A total of 38,280 meat packages were distributed, benefiting 349,166 beneficiaries.

Zakat Foundation Touching the Lives of Naseem Akhtar, Sokina Begum, and More

Livestock plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable livelihoods. Naseem Akhtar, a widowed mother of five in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, faced tremendous challenges after her husband’s passing. Limited resources and debts made survival difficult until the Zakat Foundation stepped in. Through their Livelihood program, Naseem received two goats, providing her children with a source of milk and offering the potential for income through the sale of offspring. This support has brought hope for a brighter future to Naseem and her family.

For Sokina Begum, a 55-year-old resident of Jigabari village in Bangladesh, meat was a luxury rarely enjoyed. As a maid supporting her three children after her husband’s passing, she endured extreme hardships. Previously, she would beg door-to-door for scraps on Eid. However, this year was different. Thanks to the Qurbani meat distribution program organized by Zakat Foundation, Sokina received a generous portion of meat. The thoughtful gift brought joy to her and her family, alleviating some of their hardships.

The examples of Naseem and Sokina highlight the tangible impact of the Qurbani and Udhiyah program. Through sacrificial acts and donations, the Zakat Foundation has transformed lives and brought relief to those in need. It is not merely about providing a meal but also restoring dignity, hope, and the feeling of being cared for.

The Qurbani and Udhiyah program by Zakat Foundation of America holds tremendous significance for both the givers and the recipients. It is an opportunity to fulfill the spirit of sacrifice, compassion, and communal responsibility. By supporting this program, you play a vital role in positively transforming the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

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