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The HHRD Skills Development and Livelihood Program is a beacon of hope for individuals and communities in need. With a mission to provide training and support, this program aims to empower those facing adversity. Enabling them to build sustainable livelihoods and secure a brighter future for themselves and their families. Discover how HHRD Skills Development and Livelihood Program is transforming lives by imparting knowledge and empowering vulnerable communities to break free from the cycle of poverty. Learn how they are making a difference for Rohingya refugee GBV victims in Bangladesh.

This program focuses on skills training, allowing people in need to learn valuable trades and gain practical skills. HHRD creates opportunities for them to transform their lives through Skills Development and Livelihood Centers in 17 countries. All artisans are organized, products are developed, and quality is improved for effective marketing.

HHRD Skills Development & Livelihood

The beneficiaries of the HHRD program are provided with talent assessments and opportunities for skills advancement. This comprehensive approach ensures that pepole receive initial training and have the resources and support needed to continue growing and succeeding in their chosen fields. HHRD is creating a pathway toward a better life for those in need by instilling confidence and providing the tools for self-reliance.

HHRD Empowering Lives through Skills Development

One particular community that has benefited from the HHRD Skills Development and Livelihood Program is the Rohingya refugee population in Bangladesh. In 2017, these vulnerable individuals faced unimaginable horrors as Myanmar security forces targeted them with gender-based violence (GBV). The wave of violence caused the Rohingya people to flee their homes resulting in the loss of loved ones and the shattering of families.

Amid this crisis, HHRD stepped in to support the Rohingya GBV victims in Bangladesh. The Skills Development and Livelihood Program became a lifeline for these individuals. By offering them a chance to rebuild their lives and find hope amidst adversity. The program provided the necessary skills and resources for the Rohingya refugees through vocational training. All for them to regain their independence and create sustainable livelihoods.

HHRD Skills Development & Livelihood

With the generous support of donors and partners, HHRD continues to expand its reach, impacting countless people’s lives. By focusing on skills development and empowering vulnerable communities. They are working towards ending the cycle of poverty and creating a brighter future for all.

HHRD Skills Development and Livelihood Program is a transformative initiative that brings hope, dignity, and self-reliance to those in need—through imparting knowledge, offering skills training, and providing ongoing support. HHRD empowers people and communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Supporting this program helps sustain livelihoods, create opportunities, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

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