Hossam Gamea Leads First Halal Lunch Program in NYC

Many Muslim youth in the United States grow up eating only halal food, and for the majority in public school. This means being limited to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the few vegetarian options from school lunches. Hossam Gamea leads a Halal Program. In New York, 38% of public-school students are Jewish and Muslim. Therefore, measures have been taken to accommodate students with Halal and Kosher dietary restrictions. The Islamic Leadership Council of New York led the First Halal Lunch Pilot Program in New York City. They collaborated with the Department of Education, local Muslim businesses, and also local community leaders in the process.

Gamea Leads Halal Program

Hossam Gamea represented ILC-NY throughout this process and helped successfully execute this one of a kind project. Furthermore, Gamea grew up in the Bronx. Furthermore, he knew the importance of inclusion and accommodation for Muslim students, so he led this initiative as an active effort to ensure that Muslims were given reasonable accommodation at school, while also investing in local Muslim-owned businesses. Hossam Gamea is a respected advocate in his community, and has written for Tab, Traversing Tradition, and Medium. Lastly, he has been featured in numerous podcasts for his insight on Islamophobia at a structural level, where he spoke on bullying he experienced as a student post-9/11. Leading the Halal Lunch Program in NYC is a step to work against that and promote equity and inclusion in New York’s public schools.

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