ICNA Urges Action and Advocacy for Palestinians Amidst Humanitarian Crisis

Recently, the humanitarian situation in Palestine has reached alarming proportions. Needing immediate attention and action from communities, leaders, and politicians in the United States. American Muslims, spearheaded by ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America). They are coming together to advocate for all Palestinians’ safety, freedom, and well-being. Including innocent civilians, women, and children.


Here are some key facts and talking points that highlight the current terrifying situation Palestinians are in:

ICNA Explains the Escalation of Violence in Palestine

  • Since the ascent of Netanyahu’s far-right government, Israel has intensified its violent repression of Palestinians.
  • Israeli Defense Minister’s derogatory remarks and the denial of essential resources, including food, electricity, and water, have exacerbated the crisis.
  • In 2023, Israeli soldiers had already taken the lives of over 250 Palestinians. Including 47 children, in the occupied West Bank.
  • Extremist Israeli settlers have increased their attacks on Palestinians, causing a dramatic surge in settler violence.

Gaza’s Prolonged Occupation

  • Gaza has remained under brutal Israeli military occupation for over 50 years. Despite Israel’s withdrawal of settlers and soldiers from the interior in 2005.
  • Israel continues to control entry and exit, airspace, and coastline in Gaza, leaving Palestinians in dire conditions.

The Ruthless Siege and Blockade

  • Gaza has been subjected to a ruthless, illegal siege and naval blockade for over 15 years.
  • The blockade has been condemned by international bodies as a form of collective punishment. The depriving more than 2.3 million Palestinians of basic needs, medical treatment, and educational opportunities.

The Palestinian Refugees

  • Two-thirds of Palestinians in Gaza were refugees expelled from their homes in 1948.
  • They are denied their legal right to return due to their non-Jewish status, perpetuating their refugee status.

ICNA Explains the Apartheid System

  • Amnesty International has characterized Israel’s policies as an apartheid system that oppresses the Palestinian population for the benefit of Jewish Israelis.
  • The only path to ending violence is to terminate Israel’s occupation and apartheid practices.
  • American Muslims call on Muslim countries and their leaders to reconsider their relationships with Israel and not compromise on supporting Palestinian rights.
  • Immediate ceasefire support is vital.
  • The United States is called upon to reassert its leadership role in pursuing a lasting peace by addressing the root causes of violence, ending the occupation, and dismantling apartheid policies.

In light of these urgent developments, American Muslims for Palestine and AJP Action have organized an advocacy day on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on October 23rd and 24th. This initiative aims to lobby congressional representatives to hold Israel accountable for its actions and advocate for Palestinians.

Additionally, organizations like Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) are collecting donations to provide food and supplies to Palestinians in desperate need. As the crisis continues, it is crucial to raise our voices and contribute towards alleviating the suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

We hope and pray that the international community, together with American Muslims and allies, can work towards a just and lasting resolution to this crisis, ensuring the safety, freedom, and well-being of all those affected in Palestine. Ameen.

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