Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF) – Initiated by ICNA Islamic Center of North America

Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF) – A New York-based educational institution by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). Enriching lives and empowering Muslim youth, ILF imparts sound knowledge of Islamic Shariah and fosters a universal understanding of Islam as a way of life. With comprehensive courses, leadership programs, and interfaith cooperation, ILF nurtures a new generation of skilled Muslim leaders. Join over 75,000 participants nationwide through on-site classes and online seminars. Embrace holistic development through the Tarbiyah Department, equipping individuals with moral character and deep Islamic insights. Explore past courses and leadership retreats as ILF continues to shape a brighter future for the Muslim community.

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), a prominent grassroots Muslim organization, proudly presents The Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF), a New York-based educational Islamic institution. To enrich the lives of Muslims, particularly the youth, ILF is dedicated to imparting sound knowledge of Islamic Shariah, fostering a deeper understanding of Islam as a universal way of life, and nurturing a new generation of skilled Muslim leaders.

Islamic Learning Foundation

Comprehensive Educational Experience

Unlike casual lectures, ILF takes Islamic learning to a higher level by offering a formal classroom setting. Through seminars, workshops, and intensive classes, the institution provides a comprehensive educational experience. Knowledgeable scholars lead courses on various subjects, including Quranic studies, Hadith studies, Fiqh, Sunnah, Arabic language, Tajweed, and contemporary Muslim issues. ILF also offers specialized programs on leadership development, chaplaincy training, and interfaith cooperation.

ILF dedication to knowledge dissemination is evident in its on-site classes and online seminars. Those have drawn over 75,000 participants nationwide. Expanding its reach, ILF Texas launched an innovative website featuring a user-friendly registration program. To adopt the esteemed curriculum of the Cairo Secondary College of Al-Azhar University.

Tarbiyah Department: Supporting Educational Development

Complementing the ICNA mission, the Tarbiyah Department equips members with essential knowledge encompassing the Quran, Sunnah, Fiqh, Arabic, Islamic history, and the Islamic movement. The department aims to foster individuals who embody high moral character, deeply understand Islam, and are dedicated to serving their communities. To achieve this, the Tarbiyah Department regularly provides study syllabi to members and organizes weekly NeighborNets and Tarbiyah camps. At local and regional levels for training and skill development. Moreover, ICNA’s various branches host numerous weekly or monthly events and hundreds of online classes. Including workshops and seminars, reaching Muslims nationwide.

Islamic Learning Foundation Past Courses and Prominent Initiatives

Over the years, ILF has offered a diverse array of past courses that have resonated with attendees. These courses have covered essential aspects of Islamic teachings and contemporary challenges Muslim communities face. Additionally, ICNA has successfully organized leadership retreats in several major cities, including Bay Area, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, South Florida, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Detroit, Orlando, and Los Angeles. These retreats have provided participants valuable leadership skills and strategic insights to serve their communities effectively.

Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF)
Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF)

The Islamic Learning Foundation, initiated by ICNA, stands at the forefront of Islamic education. As well as striving to enrich the lives of Muslims. Doing that by imparting comprehensive knowledge. As well as fostering a profound understanding of Islam. Through its multifaceted initiatives and educational programs, ILF aims to cultivate a generation of Muslim leaders who will contribute positively to society as a bridge that divides and promotes the timeless values of Islam in the modern world.

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