IslamiCity – Main Informational Platform for Muslims

IslamiCity is a platform focused on embracing and sharing the teachings of Islam that bring peace and inspire positive change. Join a worldwide community that values talking, diversity, and being kind. Explore a platform that helps people and cares about improving and peaceful the world.

In a world often marked by divisions and misconceptions, seeking to illuminate the true essence of Islam and foster understanding among cultures and civilizations. Welcome to IslamiCity – a platform that transcends sects, boundaries, and biases to offer a comprehensive and holistic view of Islam and Muslims.


IslamCity Founding History

Established in February 1995, IslamiCity has embarked on a journey to cultivate peace, inspire positive action, and encourage purposeful living through the universal teachings of Islam. Rooted in the belief that unity and harmony are the building blocks of a better world. The IslamiCity is a testament to the power of knowledge and dialogue in bridging gaps and fostering global understanding.

Sharing Islamic Universal Values

IslamiCity’s mission is to promote universal values that transcend cultural differences and resonate with the shared human experience. This organization actively fosters cooperation and dialogue among civilizations, recognizing the richness that diversity brings to our global tapestry. With millions of visitors from over 225 countries and territories annually, IslamiCity serves as a crossroads where diverse perspectives converge. All leading to enriched conversations and deeper connections.

IslamiCity believes in the nobility of consciousness – a state of awareness that transcends the self and embraces the collective good. Truthful expression and goodness of action are the principles that lead the way, illustrating how profound faith is for life, love for the living. The care for the environment, and an unwavering commitment to social justice.

IslamiCity Inclusivity in Diverse Topics

The vision of IslamiCity extends beyond the terrestrial realm – it encompasses the universe and everything within and beyond it. With a profound belief that all creation is part of a divine tapestry. IslamiCity champions the idea that the best among us are those who exhibit kindness, compassion, and respect toward all of God’s creation.

Future Goals of IslamiCity

More than just a platform, IslamiCity is on a dedicated mission to empower, nurture, protect, and promote values that affirm human dignity, rights, and the integrity of Islam. By fostering an environment of understanding, dialogue, and empathy and envisioning a healthier, more peaceful, and undeniably more beautiful world.

IslamiCity is a testament to the transformative power of knowledge, compassion, and unity in a world yearning for connection and enlightenment. As we embark on this journey of exploration, dialogue, and growth. IslamiCity invites you to join hands in shaping a world that embraces its diversity and celebrates its shared humanity. Together, we can walk the path of peace, purpose, and profound understanding.

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