Muslim American Society (MAS) 2nd Annual Summit

Muslim American Society will host the 2nd Annual Summit and join MAS for a one-of-kind conference of Tarbiya, PACE, youth leaders, and activists. In a world marked by diversities and challenges, the power of unity and leadership becomes ever more crucial. The Muslim American Society (MAS) recognizes this significance and is proud to invite you to a unique event that promises to ignite the flames of collaboration, knowledge, and empowerment. The MAS Summit 2023 is poised to be a transformational experience aimed at nurturing the minds and hearts of youth leaders, activists, and community builders.

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Muslim American Society (MAS) 2nd Anual Summit

Muslim American Society Uniting Through Community

As the second annual MAS Summit approaches, the excitement is real. Set against the captivating backdrop of Phoenix, Arizona, this year’s summit will occur over Labor Day weekend, from September 1st to September 4th. The theme, “Unity through Community: Holding onto the Rope of Allah,” resonates deeply with the core values of the MAS. It encapsulates the essence of togetherness, emphasizing the importance of a united community working towards a shared vision.

The summit serves as a gathering ground for leaders and individuals dedicated to effecting positive change in their communities. Attendees will immerse themselves in a world of growth, learning, and inspiration as they engage in various activities and workshops designed to amplify their impact.

MAS Diverse Spectrum of Enriching Tracks

The MAS Summit offers various tracks tailored to address specific needs and interests. Tarbiya Directors and Mentors focus on cultivating the skills required to effectively guide and mentor the next generation of MAS members and leaders. Through insightful discussions and hands-on training workshops, this track aims to elevate the delivery of Tarbiya objectives.

Aspiring activists can join the Political Advocacy through a Centered Islamic Approach (PACE) track. Here, participants will receive invaluable training in community organizing and political advocacy grounded in Islamic principles. By learning to share their stories and striving for justice, these potential activists will contribute to a more harmonious society.

For Youth Directors, Workers, and Mentors, the summit offers a platform to refine their skill sets while fostering connections with like-minded individuals nationwide. This track promises to enhance youth workers’ abilities to impact their communities positively.

Muslim American Society (MAS) Collaboration for Greater Impact

The MAS Summit also dedicates a joint track, bringing together leaders from different branches of the organization. Chapter leaders, Tarbiya Directors, Youth Directors, and PACE Directors converge to delve deep into organizational alignment. This collaborative effort ensures that the hard work taking place at the grassroots level is strategically advancing the organization’s goals. Together, these leaders pave the way for MAS. To flourish as an organization reliant on its chapters’ collective strength and success.

MAS Beyond Learning: An Experience of Connection

The MAS Summit is more than just a learning experience. It is an opportunity to forge lifelong connections as participants engage in in-depth tracks, cross-departmental workshops, and enriching networking sessions. They create bonds that extend beyond the summit’s duration. The camaraderie fostered here is a foundation for collaborative efforts that extend well into the future.

The countdown to the MAS Summit 2023 has begun, and the anticipation is building. This gathering promises to catalyze growth, unity, and leadership in the Muslim-American community. By participating in this transformative event, attendees embrace their roles as torchbearers of positive change, carrying forward the spirit of unity and community for future generations. Join us this Labor Day weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, and be part of an experience that will shape the future of our communities and nation.

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