IslamiCity Perspective: Fatwa in the Age of AI

Islamicity researcher Mohamed Mahmoud Habib explores the evolving landscape of technology and religion. Discover how Islamic jurisprudence institutions navigate the intersection of AI and spirituality while focusing on faith. Uncover the role of technology in enhancing religious rituals and promoting awareness within Muslim communities. Join the discussion on how AI can serve and strengthen Islam in Islamicity when approached with wisdom and moderation.

In the last ten years, we’ve seen fantastic progress in artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s used in various parts of our lives, even in religion. Some people worry that technology might start controlling our spiritual side or make religious practices seem mechanical.

Islam & AI

Balance Between Faith and Technology

Religious groups aim to keep religious discussions centered on faith and spirituality. They want to ensure technology serves humanity and doesn’t become the main focus. These religious organizations want people to understand that technology can help improve religious rituals and strengthen people’s faith. They recently held a conference on “Fatwa and the Challenges of the Third Millennium” to address these concerns.

Here are some reasons we don’t need to worry about technology taking over.

  • Technology is just a tool that humans control. It can’t force us to do things we don’t want.
  • The core of religious beliefs is about faith and intention, not technology. People who follow a religion know the purpose of their rituals and don’t just do them automatically.
  • Religious institutions in the Islamic world are careful and can guide how to use technology in line with spiritual principles.
  • Some organizations study AI’s ethical and social side to offer solutions to potential problems.
  • Religious groups want to use technology to raise awareness about religion rather than making everything automatic.
  • Muslim communities value their traditions and religion, so they won’t easily let go of their beliefs.

As long as these religious institutions monitor how technology develops and use it wisely, there’s no reason to fear AI taking over religion. Technology can be a helpful tool in serving faith when used correctly.

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