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Zakat Foundation of America saw the importance of effective leadership and innovation in philanthropy. One that cannot be overstated in a world riddled with humanitarian crises and growing challenges. The Zakat Foundation of America recognized this pressing need and, in 2020, established the Zakat Foundation Institute—an independent, professional graduate program. All dedicate themselves to producing leaders and innovators in the humanitarian and philanthropic fields. This esteemed institute offers specialized coursework with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy towards empowering students and professionals to take on the toughest challenges facing the 21st century.

Zakat Foundation Institute
Zakat Foundation Institute

The Vision and Mission of Zakat Foundation Institute

The Zakat Foundation Institute believes no individual should suffer preventable poverty, hunger, or displacement. When the world possesses the knowledge, tools, and ability to respond to humanitarian challenges. Despite advancements in technology, communication, and global economic development, fundamental human insecurity continues to expand alarmingly. The institute’s vision revolves around including stakeholders and listening to those directly impacted. Leading to innovative solutions through applied research and determination.

Zakat Foundation Institute thoughtfully designs academic programs to foster leaders and innovators in the humanitarian and philanthropic domains. Creating education and training programs led by cutting-edge researchers, seasoned practitioners, and accomplished scholars. The institute ensures that it grounds its students’ education in practical experience and academic excellence.

Zakat Foundation of America – A Path of Collaboration and Progress

Aspiring individuals seeking to make a meaningful difference in the humanitarian sector find their path to a collaborative, inclusive, and progressive education at Zakat Foundation Institute. The application process is the first step toward a transformative experience on campus.

The Fellowship Program

The Zakat Foundation Institute’s flagship program is the one-year fellowship. That requires participants to complete 18 graduate credits at the esteemed Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. Successful completion of the program leads to a Graduate Certificate in Philanthropic Studies from Indiana University. Additionally, participants earn a Graduate Certificate in Muslim Philanthropy and Humanitarian Studies from Zakat Foundation Institute as it is a part of the newly-established Muslim Philanthropy Initiative.

This prestigious fellowship is fully funded by the Zakat Foundation of America, which highlights the foundation’s dedication to supporting professionals with a demonstrated commitment to serving established Muslim charities.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Zakat Foundation Institute Fellowship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

Be admitted to the Graduate Certificate in Philanthropic Studies program or M.A. in Philanthropic Studies.
Demonstrate a keen interest in Islam and Muslim philanthropy, nonprofit, and/or humanitarian sectors.
Secure admission to the Graduate Certificate in Muslim Philanthropy and Humanitarian Studies at Zakat Foundation Institute.

Zakat Foundation Institute
Zakat Foundation Institute

The Impact of Zakat Foundation Institute

Since its commencement in the 2020 Fall Semester, the Zakat Foundation of America Institute has welcomed fellows from the United States and abroad. This diversity reflects the institute’s commitment to fostering practical and much-needed change in Muslim charitable work. The global humanitarian sector faces unprecedented systemic crises. The institute adopts a flexible approach to education, conducting most of its coursework online. At the same time, including limited in-person seminar requirements and internships. This setup allows students worldwide to engage in the program without geographical limitations.

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